NutRedOx Training School in Molecular Nutrition


NutRedOx Training school in Molecular Nutrition is a hands-on course that will be split into two different workshops: one in Food Metabolites and the Impact of Microbiota, and the other in Cell Migration: Concepts, Mechanisms and Techniques, that will take place at Universidade Lusófona from September 30rd until October 2nd.

While the Food Metabolites and the Impact of Microbiota workshop will focus on the impact food and its components have on the organism and it will allow the attendees to identify the metabolites derived from the metabolic action of the microbiota, the workshop on Cell Migration: Concepts, Mechanisms and Techniques will address the role of cell migration in different physiopathological processes, the different types of cell migration and the respective morphological, functional and molecular alterations involved.

Registrations deadline: September 3rd.

The 16 attendees will be selected based on their CV and motivation letter. The selected candidates will be officially invited to the Training School before September 6th.

If you have any questions, please send an email to trainingschoollisbon19(at)

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