Volta ao Conhecimento

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Following an invitation from Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES), NMS-CEDOC researchers will participate on "Volta ao Conhecimento".
This initiative is organised in parallel to Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta, by MCTES together with Volta a Portugal (Portugal Cycling Tour) and RTP, in order to divulge Portuguese science to the Portuguese society.

This year, CEDOC-NMS will participate in the prologue and contributed by sharing 6 scientific projects for the health section:
Doping e Farmacologia - Translational Pharmacology Lab
Fisiologia e Fisiopatologia - Neuronal Control of Metabolic Disturbances: Therapeutic Strategies Lab
Músculos - Rheumatological Diseases Lab
Neurogenética da Locomoção - Neurogenetics of Locomotion Lab (new)
Qualidade do Ar, Função Respiratória e Doenças Relacionadas - Integrated Pathophysiological Mechanisms Lab
Saúde Envelhecimento e Bem Estar - Epidoc Unit (new)

This year, the project “Saúde Envelhecimento e Bem Estar” was chosen by the organization to participate in a live interview for RTP on August 4.

In addition, CEDOC-NMS will be present in a stand at Praça do Império to divulge our College, the Research Centres and these projects.

The main objective of Volta ao Conhecimento is to compile and present various scientific contents from different knowledge areas, from gastronomy to health, to the Portuguese citizens that follow Volta a Portugal. The information shared is chosen according to the territory where each stage of the Portugal Cycling Tour occurs.
Besides the website, you may follow Volta ao Conhecimento on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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