Sílvia Conde is the first Portuguese scientist featured by Research Outreach

Sílvia Conde, principal investigator of the Neuronal Control of Metabolic disturbances: Therapeutic Strategies Lab, is the first Portuguese scientist featuring an article from Research Outreach by invitation.

Silvia Conde's notable work and advances in the field of metabolic diseases, namely type 2 diabetes, caught the attention of the international not-for-profit Public Outreach agency - Research Outreach.
The article entitled "The carotid body: A candidate for regaining glucose tolerance in Type 2 diabetes" aggregates the work performed by Silvia Conde's team in the last years in the field of metabolic diseases, namely diabetes, focusing on an innovative approach of modulation of the carotid body. Silvia Conde believes that "due to their insulin-sensing ability, carotid bodies are likely to be important metabolic sensors for controlling energy homeostasis" and has been proving this premise over the years at a rapid pace.

Silvia Conde says: “it is a huge recognition of our work and we are very proud of our contribution to highlight the modulation of carotid body activity as a therapeutic for type 2 diabetes”. We believe that with this article our research will have an impact on the general public.

Full article here.

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Sílvia Conde

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