Rogério Ribeiro was awarded with Fellowship Nuno Castel-Branco

The Fellowship Nuno Castel-Branco, from Portuguese Society of Diabetology, was awarded to Regina Menezes e Rogério Ribeiro (MEDIR: Metabolic Disordes Lab), during the 12º Congresso Português de Diabetes.
This fellowship promotes the research performed under the scope of a collaborative project designated "Therapeutics4DM - Elucidação do papel do Péptido Amiloide dos ilhéus em Diabetes Mellitus: abrindo novos caminhos para a intervenção terapêutica". The institutions involved in this project are CEDOC, APDP and iMM.
It is worth to mention that this fellowship was awarded ex-aequo with a project from IBET/ITQB.

bolsa nuno castel branco APDP

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