Ricardo Custódio won the best Oral Presentation Basic Award at the iMed Conference

Foto Ricardo Custodio

Ricardo Custódio, Master Student at the Neurogenetics of Locomotion Lab, led by César Mendes, won the Oral Presentation Basic Award after presenting the project "A Genetic Model for Neurorehabilitation" under the scope of the AstraZeneca Foundation Innovate Competition, at the iMed Conference which took place from 16 - 20 October 2019.

The main focus of this project is the identification of genes and molecular mechanisms that are involved in the formation of new memories. These genes and molecular mechanisms are conserved in vertebrates and, apparently, they influence the learning of new motor programs, which are key to motor rehabilitation.

The most relevant aspect of this research project was understanding the basis of neuronal remodeling that occurs during motor relearning.

When asked what this victory means, Ricardo Custódio says it is “a guarantee that basic research topics with the potential to impact the lives of some in the future can continue to be dissected.”

Congratulations on your project!

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