Project from MEDIR Lab distinguished by Programa Gilead Génese

A project developed by researchers from the MEDIR: Metabolic Disorders Lab was distinguished by Programa Gilead GÉNESE.

Ana Lúcia Pina, Beatriz Guerreiro, Margarida Correia, Diego Borges, Maria Paula Macedo*, Mª João Meneses, Rita Patarrão, Rita Oliveira*, Inês Lima, Inês Ferreira*
* Researchers that were directly involved in the project along with Akiko Teshima, also a member from the lab.

The distinguished project is entitled "Exosomes as liquid biopsies in metabolic disorders" and results from a collaboration with researchers from other institutions. Namely: Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (APDP), Bruno Costa Silva (Champalimaud Foundation), Jorge Limão (Clinica São João de Deus).

According to Maria Paula Macedo, principal researcher of the Lab "this prize will allow our group to expand an existing line of research focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying diabetes remission when patients undergo metabolic surgery. In the long run, as a result of this and other projects underway in the laboratory, we hope to use plasma exosomes as a photograph that exposes the metabolic state of our internal organs. In addition, we may also use these microvesicles to screen diabetic patients with or without fatty liver disease."

Simultaneously, 12 other research projects from other Portuguese Institutes were distinguished by Programa Gileade Génese - Edição 2019.

The Award Ceremony will take place on November 21, 2019, at Capitólio in Lisbon. Complete programme online.

More information on the Press Release (portuguese).

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