The Patient Innovation Project has developed a COVID-19 Portal


Patient Innovation, a project based at NOVA Medical School, has recently launched a portfolio of innovative solutions developed by the population in order to prevent and treat COVID-19. These include medical equipment, such as multiple related innovations with ventilators, personal protection masks and ventilation masks, and also community initiatives organized by volunteers to address complications created by social insulation, increased hygiene need, and others.

This project understands the important role of the community and also the value of solutions developed by users and caregivers worldwide during situations of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic the world is currently facing.

Patient Innovation is a platform available for anyone to consult online solutions which will help the patients to deal with their diseases in a way that will improve their quality of life or to help them perform a certain activity. These innovations, and this is the main differentiating element of the project, are solutions that the patients or caregivers themselves have developed - people who are not health professionals but who feel or understand the patient’s difficulties. On this platform, these caregivers and patients can publish these solutions, which will be previously evaluated and validated by a team of doctors and specialists. Once these are online, they are available to everyone who may be interested, or can benefit from the ideas and solutions.
Helena Canhão (NOVA Medical School - CEDOC) and Pedro Oliveira (NOVA SBE) are the coordinators of the Patient Innovation project.

You can visit the Patient Innovation COVID-19 portal here.

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