NOVA Science Day 2019

UNL Science Day
(Credits: Alfredo Rocha - Feeling Photography)

The second edition of NOVA Science Day took place on September 18, 2019, at the Rectorate of NOVA University Lisbon.
The NOVA Science Day 2019 was dedicated to the talent of NOVA, in particular to NOVA researchers with European Research Council (ERC) grants, and counted with the presence of the Portuguese Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Professor Manuel Heitor, and the President of the ERC, Professor Jean-Pierre Bourguignon as keynote speakers.

Professor João Sàágua, Rector of NOVA University Lisbon, presented the first lecture of the day emphasizing that "NOVA is now focusing on interdisciplinary areas, with social impact".
The key message from ERC President, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, was to create more space for interdisciplinary research, as a crucial step to success.

As occurred last year, the Santander-NOVA Research Collaborative Award in the Exact Sciences and Engineering Domain was announced during this event. The winners of 2018/2019 edition of this award were Ana Cláudia Pimentel (CENIMAT/i3N - FCT NOVA) and Vanessa Jorge Pereira (ITQB-UNL/iBET).

Professors, Researchers and Doctoral Students of NOVA shared their work and scientific questions through the day in order to discover the diverse scientific areas of research covered by NOVA researchers and the work that has been carried out by other colleagues and PhD students. NMS|FCM was represented both in one oral presentation and during the poster session.
Catarina Homem, principal investigator of Proliferation and Fate Regulation of Stem Cells Lab at CEDOC-NMS|FCM, presented her ERC Project "StemCellHabitat" and talked about metabolic and timed control of stem cell fate in the developing animal.
UNL Science Day
Catarina Homem (Credits: Alfredo Rocha - Feeling Photography)

Selected PhD Students, from all NOVA Units presented their research in a poster session. The CEDOC-NMS|FCM PhD Students representatives were: Ana Soares, Catarina Perdigão, Diana Saraiva, Liliana Alves, Luis Galhardas, Luis Gomes, Luis Santos, Maria João Marques and Patrícia Marques.

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CEDOC Researchers


UNL Science Day
Group Photo (Credits: Alfredo Rocha - Feeling Photography)

Finally, ERC Grantees from all NOVA Units were honored during the closing session of the NOVA Science Day.

Catarina Homem, Elvira Fortunato, António Jacinto (Credits: Alfredo Rocha - Feeling Photography)

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon among NOVA ERC Grantees (Credits: Alfredo Rocha - Feeling Photography)

NOVA Science Day is organised by Professora Elvira Fortunato and the NOVA Research Office.

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