Manual “Viver com saúde depois dos 60 anos” is now available at the Library of Health Literacy

The manual “Viver com saúde depois dos 60 anos”, edited by Ana Rodrigues, Helena Canhão, Jaime C. Branco, Maria João Gregório, Rute de Sousa, from CEDOC-NMS|FCM, is now available for consultation at the Library of Health Literacy.

After undergoing strict validation methods, the book scored an average of 82/100 points by the reviewers, appointed by the editorial group. The Library of Health Literacy is a repository that aims to promote access to information on health and make people more autonomous in relation to their health.


“Viver com saúde depois dos 60 anos” presents a 12-week program for a healthy lifestyle, through nutrition tips, recipes, simple do-at-home exercises, cognitive stimulation exercises (language, memory, calculus, etc.) and useful information relating to themes of special interest for this age range, mainly socialization, vision and audition, security, medication, prevention of falls and fractures, sexuality, among others. Even though its main target audience is the adult and senior population, the manual may be useful to people of all ages.

To access the book please follow the link.

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