João Conde distinguished with the Best Young Investigator Award 2020


João Conde, principal investigator of Cancer Nanomedicine group, received the best Young Investigator Award 2020 by Nanomaterials.

This distinction rewards the under 40-years-scientists’ curricula throughout their careers up to 2020 and João Conde explaines why this award means recognition for him: “10-15 years ago, almost no one believed in Nanomedicine and the benefits of using nanomaterials to tackle real biomedical problems. (…) That’s why winning this award is so special and even more in 2020 where we are facing so many health problems, we now know that we can count on nanomaterials to solve real medical issues. And it feels incredible to have been recognized by experts in this field.”

Research in Nanomaterials and Nanomedicine have nowadays a huge impact on the solutions society tries to find in order to solve health problems, as the Principal Investigator exemplifies: “Today we are administering hundreds of millions of doses of nano-vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 containing nanomaterials to deliver mRNA more efficiently. As many other nanomaterials under clinical trials are...”

Being distinguished with this award in such a developing field of expertise is like a demanding but also rewarding journey: “Pursuing a research career is tough. Climbing your way up the scientific recognition ladder is tough. Especially if you’re trying to do something differently or create a long-term change in the field”, says João Conde.

Now the journey continues and João Conde has a strong belief that more than a recognition, the award is also the strength he and others need to pursue their path: “I hope (actually I am sure), that the other two winners (Dr. Loredana Protesescu from the University of Groningen and Dr. Ya Yang from Chinese Academy of Sciences) are left with a sense of being seen, heard, and appreciated in their endeavors and inspired to continue creating change in the nanomedicine and nanomaterials field. That is truly where the power of our work lies."

Know more about João Conde’s Lab here.

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