Gabriela Silva unveils “New Therapies and Retina Microenvironment” to the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology


Last month, June 23rd, our researcher Gabriela Silva, principal investigator of the Gene Therapy group at CEDOC, was as invited speakr in the prestigious Webinars of the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology.

This webinar series is exclusive and geared towards clinicians and presented by clinicians. The participation of Gabriela Silva, a non-clinician, attests the importance of the relationship between fundamental and clinical research, and how the former can support new therapeutic strategies.

The topic was “New Therapies and Retina Microenvironment”, in which Gabriela Silva presented her most recent research in new therapeutic strategies for retinal pathologies, in particular those where pathological neovascularization and inflammation play a role. Her in vitro and in vivo data shows that a dual gene therapy strategy can have a beneficial effect on pathologies such as diabetic retinopathy.

Discover more from Gabriela and her group here.


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