Emilia Monteiro explains Lab's research to 90 Segundos de Ciência

90 segundos ciencia_EMonteiro

Emilia Monteiro, Principal Investigator of the Translational Pharmacology Lab, describes to 90 Segundos de Ciência the research interest of the lab: hypertension associated with sleep apnea.

During the interview, Emilia Monteiro explains how the team identified a therapeutic target capable of reversing hypertension associated with sleep apnea using an animal model.
In order to move forward, Emilia Monteiro's Lab developed a second project aiming to identify if the key molecular pathway identified in the animal model is also altered in human patients with hypertension caused by sleep apnea.

Listen to the complete interview to 90 Segundos de Ciência here.
Learn more about Translational Pharmacology Lab on the dedicated website.

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