Double win from CEDOC at the European Physiology Day meeting


Adriana Capucho and Ana Chegão

Last week, two researchers from CEDOC, from the Hugo Vicente Miranda and Silvia Conde labs, have won the two top poster prizes at the European Physiology Day meeting, promoted by the Federation of European Physiological Societies.

Ana Chegão, PhD candidate from DysBrainD lab, won the best poster prize for her work exploring how glycation, a post-translational modification, impacts brain physiology and exacerbates both motor and cognitive impairments in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease.

Adriana Capucho, Nova Biomedical Research (NBR) MSc student, co-supervised by Sílvia Conde and Hugo Vicente Miranda from the Neuronal Control of Metabolic Disturbances labs and DysBrainD lab, won the second-best poster prize with research focused in evaluating if the modulation of the carotid bodies has potential to prevent cognitive dysfunction in rats in initial stages of diabetes induced by hypercaloric diets.

We congratulate both students as well as the leaders from their labs and all the colleagues at CEDOC and outside institutions that made these prizes possible.



Chegão A, Guarda M, Alexandre BM, Shvachiy L, Temido-Ferreira M, Marques-Morgado I, Fernandes Gomes B, Matthiesen R, Lopes LV, Florindo PR, Anjos-Gomes R, Gomes-Alves P, Coelho JE, Outeiro TF, Vicente Miranda H. (2021). Glycation modulates glutamatergic signalling and exacerbates Parkinson’s disease-like phenotypes, European Physiology Day 2021, virtual meeting, 12th of October.

Capucho AM, Chegão A, Melo BF, Martins FO, Madeira N, Sacramento JF, Fonseca R, Vicente Miranda H*, Conde SV*. (2021). Carotid sinus nerve resection prevents cognitive dysfunction in an animal model of dysmetabolism, European Physiology Day 2021, virtual meeting, 12th of October.

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