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Through an invitation from Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior, NOVA Medical School-CEDOC researchers participated on "Volta ao Conhecimento". This action occured in partnership with Volta a Portugal (Portugal Cycling Tour) and RTP.

In parallel to Volta a Portugal, a site called Volta ao Conhecimento was built to compile and present various scientific contents from different knowledge areas, from gastronomy to health for example. The information shared was chosen according to territory where each stage of the Portugal Cycling Tour occured.

CEDOC-NMS|FCM participated on stage 10 (Vila Franca de Xira - Lisboa) and researchers contributed by sharing 5 scientific projects.

You may find them here:

Biologia Celular e Molecular - Membrane Traffic in Infection and Disease Lab & Lysosomes in Chronic Human Pathologies and Infection Lab

Doping e Farmacologia - Translational Pharmacology Lab

Fisiologia - Neuronal Control of Metabolic Disturbances: Therapeutic Strategies Lab

Músculos - Rheumatological Diseases Lab

Qualidade do Ar, Função Respiratória e Doenças Relacionadas - Integrated Pathophysiological Mechanisms Lab

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