CEDOC Researcher is the first Portuguese to be awarded with the IDF Euro Prize in Diabetes for Young Researcher

Joana GasparJoana Gaspar, a Post-doctoral researcher from CEDOC-NMS|FCM and from Associação Protetora dos Diabéticos de Portugal (APDP-ERC), was the first Portuguese Researcher awarded with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Euro Prize in Diabetes for Young Researcher.

The Prize was awarded in the European Parliament in Brussels by the President of IDF-Europe, on5 of November, during the celebrations of the World Diabetes Day. This prize reflects the recognition of the research excellence in the area of Cell and MolecularBiology applied to Diabetes, specifically in the study of new regulation mechanisms of blood glucose levels after a meal.

Currently the researcher is involved in translational medical research projects established in collaboration between CEDOC-NMS|FCM and APDP, in the MEDIR: Metabolic Disorders Research Group, in which “the main goal is the discovery of new physiological signals that promote insulin sensitization, to prevent and overcome the initial insulin resistance associated with the development of type 2 diabetes.

During the award ceremony, Joana Gaspar stated: “Receiving the IDF Europe Young Researcher Prize is a great honor. More that the reflection of the importance of my work in the field of diabetes, this award is a recognition of all people with whom I have worked with, that made possible all these discoveries. This prize is a motivation to continue to do more and better research to understand this disease, with the ultimate goal to improve the lives of people with diabetes”.

The Prize will be donated to the Associação Protetora dos Diabéticos de Portugal.

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