CEDOC Has a New Coordination Team

CEDOC Coordenacao_Prancheta 1

The Chronic Diseases Research Center - CEDOC's has a new Coordination Team since the 7th of April, 2020.

Paulo Pereira is the new president of CEDOC, whilst Cláudia Nunes dos Santos and Ana Rodrigues have been appointed as vice-presidents of NOVA Medical School’s Research Center.

Moreover, a representative of each Research Unit of NOVA Medical School is also part of the new coordination. Namely, José Rueff representing ToxOmics, Emília Monteiro for iNOVA4Health and Helena Canhão for CHRC.

Ana Sofia Tavares has also been appointed Head of the NOVA Medical School's Research Support Division.

Congratulations to the new commission and best wishes for the future work representing all CEDOC interests.

Also, a note of gratitude for the previous Coordination Team, led by António Jacinto, for all the dedicated years of service and continued commitment to CEDOC’s vision and great evolution.

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