CEDOC @ European Researchers' Night 2019

On the 27th September 2019, CEDOC-NMS|FCM was represented at the European Researchers' Night by researchers from Neuronal Growth and Plasticity lab led by Rita Teodoro.
During this night, science from all around Lisbon, from all areas and different fields, from mathematics and agriculture to biology and biomedicine, met at the National Museum of Natural History and Science, located at Príncipe Real, in order to bring researchers closer to the public and every citizen was invited to actively participate in Science.

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Researchers Joana Rodrigues, Andreia Fernandes, Rita Teodoro @ NEI

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ResearchersJoana Rodrigues, José Reis, Andreia Fernandes @ NEI

During this event the researchers explained to the visitors their work on neurosciences and talked about the scientific questions they are trying to understand such as "How do neurons form?" or "How do neurons grow?". Moreover, the researchers showed their favorite animal model, the fruit fly also know as Drosophila melanogaster, and clarified why it is an excellent model to study these type of questions.

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Photo 27-09-2019, 17 07 42
Tubes where fruit flies are kept in the laboratory.

Later in the night, Rita Teodoro and her team fostered a direct dialogue by participating on the Science Cafe "Ciência na Cidade - Conversas no Claustro".
People were able to ask questions and learn about the basic research carried out in the Teodoro's lab regarding neurosciences and beyond. The informal conversation was very lively about memories, motion neurons and our own physical reflexes.
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In the aftermath of NEI2019, it was a great night for everyone. CEDOC researchers not only showcased their studies but also learned about the work developed by other researchers and learned with the questions of all citizens that visited our corner.

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