Article by Maria João Gregório et al. highlighted on Nutrimento

The recent article from EPIDOC Unit, by Maria João Gregório et al, was highlighted on Nutrimento, the blog from Direção Geral de Saúde.
The team aimed to assess determinants of food insecurity (limited or uncertain access to the adequate food) and the corresponding health impact in Portugal. With this work, the researchers found that food insecurity is highly prevalent in Portugal. Food insecurity was associated with low adherence to the Mediterranean diet, non-communicable chronic diseases, lower quality of life, and higher health resource consumption. Therefore, this study provides valuable insight into the relationship between food security and the diet and health of the population during an economic crisis. Revealing that the probability of following the Mediterranean diet is lower among the poorest population.
Moreover, Maria João Gregório was also interviewed for TSF: news and interview here.
Article available online: Food Insecurity Is Associated with Low Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Adverse Health Conditions in Portuguese Adults.

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