I NeuroLx Meeting 2015


I NeuroLx Meeting 2015
DATE: 28th of April 2015
TIME: 13h -18h

2º Floor Room, Library Building, CEDOC@FCM, Lisbon


13h Introduction

13h15 Diana Prata, IMM

13h45 Diogo Castro, IGC

14h15 Rita Teodoro, CEDOC

14h45 Coffee Break organized by CEDOC PhD students committee

15h15 Florent Ubelmann, CEDOC

15h45 Cláudio Gomes, ITQB

16h15 Inbal Israely, FChampalimaud

17h-18h Happy Hour organized by CEDOC PhD students committee

The NeuroLx meeting is open to everybody that is interested in neurosciences.

Let us know if you need more information



Cláudia G. Almeida and Rita Teodoro

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