CEDOC Meetings - Casual Friday with Science

June's CEDOC Meetings " Casual Friday with Science", organized by Helena Vieira (Cell Death & Disease Lab) and Teresa Barona (Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Lab), will occur at 6 June 2014.

Date: 6 May 2014, 16h
Location: 2º Floor Room, Library Building, CEDOC campus FCM, Lisbon

16h - Carolina Moreira
“The role of integrin adhesion complexes in Drosophila pupal hemocyte migration in vivo“
PhD Student from the Tissue Morphogenesis & Repair Lab

16h30 - Nádia Grilo
“Inter-individual variability in Efavirenz metabolism as a factor for its neurotoxicity”
PhD Student from the Pharmacology Lab

CEDOC Meeting Casua Friday W Science 6 June 2014

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