Proteostasis Meeting 2016

We proudly announce the 3rd PROTEOSTASIS Action Meeting covering topics in “Proteostasis and its Biological Implications” on 2nd-5th of November 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal. This meeting follows the tradition established in previous meetings such as “Meeting on Protein Quality Control and Ubiquitin Systems in Health and Disease” in 2012 to facilitate the interaction, collaboration and exchange of "know-how" between researchers and students working in "intracellular protein degradation" area.

The PROTEOSTASIS has generated a huge interest among scientists from very diverse backgrounds such as biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, chemistry, developmental biology, genetics, medical sciences, microbiology, with expertise on different areas aging, cell signaling, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, proteasome, lysosome, endocytosis, cell signaling, proliferation, and diseases. Disases as diverse as diabetes, neurodegeneration, cancer, heart and kidney disease are covered. Our 3rd PROTEOSTASIS Action Meeting will cover all basic and applied aspects of protein quality control, ubiquitin systems, proteasome structure, ubiquitin mediated proteasomal degradation and autophagy.

Leading scientists from all over the world will present and discuss latest developments in protein quality control and ubiquitin field. One of the major objectives of the meeting is to attract young researchers by giving them the chance to meet and develop links with the widely acknowledged experts in the field. This will be established by presentations during poster sessions and short talks in every topic sessions.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lisbon, Portugal

PROTEOSTASIS website: http://cost-proteostasis.eu/
The official COST Action page: http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/bmbs/BM1307?parties



Organizing Committee:
Michael Glickman
Petek Ballar
Rune Matthiesen
Henrique Girao
Tilman Grune
Allan Weissman
Rosa Barrio
Betul Karademir
Manolis Papamichos-Chronakis
Manuel Rodriguez

Local organisers:
Sandra Tenreiro
Regina Menezes
Ana Sofia Carvalho
Paula Ludovico
Paulo Pereira
Colin Adrain


November 3rd , 2016

Keynotes of Day1 by Shigeo Murata, Tokyo University, Japan

Session I: Intracellular proteolytic systems I: Proteasome structure, assembly and function (WG2)
Chairs: Arkaitz Carracedo Perez (WG6), Pascale Bomont (WG2)

Arkaitz Carracedo, CIC bioGUNE & IKERBASQUE, Spain
Prasanna Venkatraman, ACTREC, India

Session II: Intracellular proteolytic systems II: Autophagy (WG2)
Chairs: Teresa Zoladek (WG2)

Anne Simonsen, University of Oslo, Norway (WG2)
Gabor Banhegyi, Semmelweis University , Hungary (WG4)
Session III: Protein modification in intracellular proteolysis (WG1)
Chairs: Marc Piechaczyk (WG6), Isabelle Jupin (WG1), Sebastian Leon (WG1)

Frauke Melchior, ZMBH, Germany (WG3)
Amir Orian, Rappaport Research Institute, Israel (WG5)
Alfred Vertegaal , LUMC, Netherlands (WG1)

November 4th, 2016

Keynotes of Day2 by Rosa Barrio, CIC bioGUNE, SPAIN (WG3)

Session IV: Protein quality control, misfolding and aggregation (WG4)
Chairs: Adrienne Gorman (WG4), Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen (WG4)

John Christianson, Ludwig Cancer Research, UK (WG4)

Session V: Mitochondria and proteostasis

Chair: Andreas Bachmair (WG1), Gemma Marfany (WG6)

Miratul Muqit, University of Dundee, UK

Session VI: Regulation of cell signaling I- Activation of signaling cascades (WG3)
Chairs: Dan Lindholm (WG3), Henrique Girao (WG3)
Michael Clague, University of Liverpool, UK (WG3)
Simona Polo, IFOM, Italy (WG3)
Fumiyo Ikeda, IMBA, Austria (WG2)

Session VII: Tool Development in Proteostasis (WG6)
Chairs: Rune Matthiesen (WG1), Boris Turk (WG6)

Huib Ovaa, NKI Amsterdam, Netherlands (WG2)
Michael Glickman, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel (WG1)

November 5th, 2016

Keynotes of Day3 by Tilman Grune, German Institute of Human Nutrition, Germany

Session VIII: Regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation (WG5)
Chairs: Dimitris Xirodimas (WG5), Christine Blattner (WG5)
Dimitris Xirodimas
Session IX: Intracellular Proteostasis and Health I: Aging and Proteostasis WG6)
Chairs: Wiep Scheper (WG4), Efthimios Skoulakis (WG6)

Thorsten Hoppe, University of Cologne, Germany (WG4)
Carina Holmberg, University of Helsinki, Finland (WG2)

Session X: Intracellular Proteostasis and Health II: Oxidative Stress and Proteostasis (WG6)
Chairs: Gerasimos Sykiotis (WG6)

Bertrand Friguet, INSERM, France
Niki Chondrogianni, NHRF, Greece (WG2)

Session XI: Intracellular Proteostasis and Health III: Human Diseases and Proteostasis (WG6)
Chairs: Rosa Farras Rivera (WG6)
Konstanze F. Winklhofer, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Eric Reits , University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (WG2)

Who attends?

Proteostasis brings together young researchers, established
investigators, leaders in their fields and industry representatives from
all around the world who work in the area of protein homeostasis. The
topics cover proteasome, autophagy, proteolysis, protein quality control
and mitochondrial proteostasis. A special effort in providing a total
of three session linking proteostasis research with health and diseases
ensures relevant content for health professionals as well. We aim at
providing a stimulating environment fostering both exchange and
generation of new ideas.

Undergraduate students
Master students
PhD students
Industry representatives

Abstracts will be selected for short talks (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes Q&A)