CEDOC @ Festival Internacional de Ciência 2021


CEDOC and NMS Researchers will participate in the first Portuguese Science Festival, the Festival Internacional de Ciência (FICA). FICA will be a 6-day celebration of science, filled with debates, performances, practical workshops, presentations and interactive exhibits.

FICA will take place in Oeiras and will gather thousands of children and adults who will join scientists, engineers, comedians, writers, artists and other science enthusiasts, in order to explore the wonders of world around us in various ways, on October 12-17 2021. Most activities will take place in and around the Festival Village, located in the Palácio Marquês de Pombal, but the Festival will also occur in other locations across Oeiras Municipality.

FICA is organised by Senciência and aims high, namely aspires to:
- Celebrate science, promote scientific culture and inspire curiosity, leading more young people to become interested in and follow scientific careers.
- Portray science as culturally relevant, accessible and engaging, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and logical reasoning.
- Promote Portuguese science and technology, creating a greater public awareness of science, technology and educational assets in the country.
- Provide contact between scientists and non scientists to take science to broad audiences.
- Strengthen the connection between research institutions, academic circles and the industry.

The admission to the Festival is free, and the program will have events for schools and the public in general.


CEDOC and NMS will be part of FICA and take this opportunity to bridge our Science and Scientific Community with society, taking advantage of the direct contact with multiple audiences.
CEDOC and NMS participantion will include:

- 4 Round-table Discussions:
i. "Discutir a importância da ciência fundamental para a medicina" with António Jacinto, Helena Soares, Miguel Xavier, Susana Lopes, Vasco Barreto eand Cláudia Almeida (moderator)

ii. "Novas tecnologias para suporte ao envelhecimento activo e saudável" with Ana Rita Londral (CoLAB Value for Health), Ana Rodrigues, Marta Moreira and Helena Canhão (moderator)

iii. "Microbiota e saúde" with Ana Faria, Cláudia Marques, Diogo Pestana and Conceição Calhau (moderator)

iv. "Novas terapias e biomarcadores em doenças cardiovasculares" with José Belo and Otília Vieira

v. "Monitorização ambulatória da tosse - desenvolvimentos tecnológicos recentes" with Nuno Neuparth and Sara Lobo (C-mo)

- 1 Gastronomic Masterclass:
"Alimentação e saúde - O que nos faz bem" with Inês Barreiros Mota and Juliana Morais

- Several Demonstrations and Exhibits from Different Laboratories and Facilities


More updates to come soon.


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