PhD students Committee

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Centro de Estudos de Doenças Crónicas
NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas - UNL
Campus Sant'Ana
Pólo de Investigação, NMS, UNL
Rua Câmara Pestana, Edifício CEDOC II, nº6
1150-082 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: (+351) 218 803 101
Fax: (+351) 218 851 920
Email: phd.committee(at)

The main goals of the PhD Committee are to represent the CEDOC|ToxOmics PhD Students and organize the PhD Student's Annual Retreat. Furthermore, we aim to promote the interaction between professors, investigators, post-docs, students, and all employees of the CEDOC|NMS community, to build up a solid team spirit. Our work also intends to build bridges between the research institutes in the Lisbon area to further promote interaction, discussion and exchange of knowledge.

General Objectives and Plans
In order to raise funds for the PhD Student's Annual Retreat, the PhD Committee organizes and coordinates several activities throughout the year, like the Beer & Food hour after the Casual Friday with Science Seminars, the CEDOC Quizzes, and the Magusto, Christmas, Carnival, and Santos Populares parties. The PhD Committee has also a strong sense of community and social solidarity, cooperating with Junta de Freguesia de Arroios in charity campaigns.
Currently, the PhD Committee is composed of 5 members, from different PhD years and different doctoral programmes.

.Beer & Food hour after the Casual Friday with Science Seminars;
.Magusto, Christmas, Carnival, and Santos Populares parties;
.CEDOC Quizzes;
.Team-building activities (dinners, football, etc.);
.Charity campaigns;
.Science communication;
.Annual retreat, with scientific communications from the PhD students and team-building activities.


PhD Committee 2019/2020

PhD Committee 2018/2019
fotografia grupo comite phd 18/19
Tatiana Burrinha, Jorge Borbinha, Ana Chegão, Pedro Sampaio, Liliana Lopes

PhD Committee 2017/2018
PhD Committe 2017_2018
Diana Saraiva, Hugo Moreiras, Cátia Rodrigues

PhD Committee 2016/2017
PhD commitee 201602017
Maria João Meneses, Liliana Alves, Nuno Coelho, Susana Ponte

PhD Committee 2015/2016
Margarida Correia, Cláudia Pereira, Oriol Bover, Inês Santarino


Ana Chegão (Hugo Vicente Miranda Lab)
Jorge Borbinha (António Jacinto Lab)
Liliana Lopes (Duarte Barral Lab)
Pedro Sampaio (Susana Lopes Lab)
Tatiana Burrinha (Cláudia Almeida Lab)

Organisation of CEDOC PhD Students Praia do Porto Novo (Torres Vedras, Portugal)


Diana Saraiva (António Jacinto Lab)
Hugo Moreiras (Duarte Barral Lab)
Cátia Rodrigues (Rita Teodoro Lab)

Organisation of CEDOC PhD Students Retreat.


Liliana Alves (Otília Vieira Lab)
Maria João Meneses (Paula Macedo Lab)
Susana Ponte (António Jacinto Lab)
Nuno Coelho (Emilia Monteiro Lab)

Organisation of CEDOC PhD Students Retreat at Cerdeira (Lousã, Portugal).


Cláudia Pereira (Helena Vieira Lab)
Inês Santarino (Otília Vieira Lab)
Margarida Correia (Paula Macedo Lab)
Oriol Bover (José Belo Lab)

Organisation of CEDOC PhD Students Retreat at Póvoa do Lanhoso (Braga, Portugal).