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Neuronal and Vision Disorders

iNOVA4Health is a translational medicine programme organizing the efforts of biomedical researchers involved in i) biological understanding of disease, lead compounds and biopharmaceuticals pre-discovery, ii) technological scientists involved in preclinical development, and iii) clinicians involved in early clinical and first-in-man clinical trials from institutions within NOVA University of Lisbon. The programme will have a strong emphasis on developing therapies to promote healthy ageing and in targeting chronic diseases that are responsible for two thirds of deaths worldwide and a major burden on healthcare systems.


- Cell Death & Disease | Helena Vieira

- Cellular and Systems Neurobiology | Rosalina Fonseca

- DysBrainD: Dysmetabolism in Brain Diseases | Hugo Vicente Miranda

- Gene Therapy | Gabriela Silva

- Immune Response and Vascular Disease | José Alves

- Inflammation and Neurodegeneration | Raffaella Gozzelino

- Molecular Mechanisms of Disease | Miguel Seabra

- Molecular Nutrition and Health | Cláudia N. Santos

- Neurogenetics of Locomotion | César Mendes

- Neurology: Stroke & Dementia | Miguel Viana Baptista

- Neuronal Growth and Plasticity | Rita Teodoro

- Neuronal Trafficking in Aging | Cláudia Almeida

- Proteostasis and Proteolytic Signalling | Paulo Pereira