Neurology: Stroke and Dementia

Viana Batista 24-6-2013 - 7751

Miguel Viana Baptista

Principal Investigator



Campus Hospital Egas Moniz
Serviço de Neurologia
Rua da Junqueira, 126
1349-019 Lisboa

Phone: (+351) 213 629 353
Fax: (+351) 213 622 091
E-mail: mvianabaptista(at)

Main interests

Our lab main scientific interests include on one hand those related to cerebrovascular disease (dementia, vascular dementia, age related white matter changes, stroke in young adults and uncommon causes of stroke), and on the other hand those related to Parkinson's disease (cognitive / psychiatric changes and REM sleep behaviour disorder).

The two main projects on cerebrovascular disease are the PORTYSTROKE (main objective is to screen genetic conditions in Young Stroke patients) and a cooperative project with Instituto Superior Técnico on MRI: Noninvasive quantitative imaging of cerebral physiology: application to normal aging and small vessel diseases. PTDC/BBB-IMG/2137/2012.

We have also an on-going project on Parkinson's disease including cognitive changes, RBD, and impulse control.

Research Areas

Stroke; Age-relate White Matter changes; Stroke in Young Adults; CADASIL; Fabry Disease; General Neurology; Parkinson's disease

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PORTYSTROKE" Screening genetic conditions in Young Stroke patients, funded by Genzyme, Portugal. 2006-2012.

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Hospital Egas Moniz CHLO, Portugal.

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