Mental Health Needs and Interventions


Miguel Xavier

Principal Investigator



Campus Sant'Ana, NMS, UNL
Campo Mártires da Pátria, 130
1169-056 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: (+351) 218 803 000
Fax: (+351) 218 851 920
E-mail: miguel.xavier(a)

Main interests

Psychiatric epidemiology, Mental health services planning and evaluation, Forensic psychiatry, Medical education.

Research Areas


1.1. General Objectives (Epidemiology, Health Policy and Services)- To develop epidemiological studies in relevant areas of health, such as respiratory, cardiac, infectious, rheumatologic and psychiatric disorders;- To conduct research aiming at the assessment of the effectiveness of health policies, services and interventions (e.g for depression and suicide prevention; for the prevention of the impact of air pollution on asthma)- To strengthen the participation in international research networks.
1.2. Specific objectives (Mental Health Needs and Interventions)- To assess the needs for care in several clinical contexts, namely the severe mentally ill, forensic populations and the frail elderly.- To explore the circular pathways underlying family dynamics, mental health and mental illness (as well as the impact of psychopathology on relatives, and ways to ease their burden of care).- To condute research in old age psychiatry and related epidemiology in Portuguese settings.- To conduct research in neuropsychiatric disorders related to medical conditions.


2.1. NEEDS ASSESSMENT, approached in a first phase by validation and reliability testing of well-known standardised assessments (e.g. CANFOR; CANE), followed by studies on special populations (eg. inmates).(Project: Needs For Care Assessment In Mentally Disorderd Inmates , FCT grant).
2.2. PREDICTION OF NEW EPISODES OF ANXIETY, aiming to develop a risk factor algorithm that may be used by GPs in order to identify users prone to new episodes of anxiety. It follows the methodology already used in the development of the risk factor algorithm for new episodes of depression (Project: PredictD study, EU grant).
2.3. CAREGIVING ISSUES IN DEMENTIA AND SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS. This involves researching the caregiving experience and related variables (e.g. caregivers’ psychological distress, coping, social resources or mental health literacy).
2.4. PSYCHIATRIC EPIDEMIOLOGY IN OLD AGE - the study “Prevalence of old age neuropsychiatric disorders: contribution to mental health policy in Portugal” (FCT grant) is to start in May 2011.
2.5. FAMILY INTERVENTIONS IN GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY AND SCHIZOPHRENIA. We aim to test family work models (such as psychoeducational groups for relatives and behavioural family therapy, according to the Falloon’s approach) in Portuguese clinical settings. The obstacles to implementation will be studied in collaboration with the National Coordination for Mental Health.
2.6. NEUROPSYCHIATRIC ASPECTS OF PRIMARY DYSTONIA, aiming to explore the psychiatric manifestations and neurocognitive profile of this primary movement disorder, with a special emphasis on obsessive-compulsive psychopathology and executive cognitive functions. (Project: OCD and primary dystonia, Novartis grant).


3.1. To publish 2 papers from the study “Needs For Care Assessment in Mentally Disordered Inmates”, starting with a validation-methodological paper. A PhD student is to present a thesis on this subject during 2011-12.
3.2. To publish 1 paper from the study "PredictD", focused on the prediction of new cases of anxiety disorders.
3.3. To start the study “Prevalence of old age neuropsychiatric disorders: contribution to mental health policy in Portugal” (FCT grant).
3.4. To publish 1 paper from the study "OCD and primary dystonia", in collaboration with the FCM-UNL Department of Neurology.A PhD student is to present a thesis on this subject during 2011-12.
3.5. To publish 1 paper from the area of familiy interventions and Psychoeducation, as well as another focused on familiy burden.


Needs For Care Assessment in Mentally Disorderd Inmates - Funded by FCT.The main objective of this study is to assess the mental health care needs of mentally disordered inmates, comparing these needs with mentally ill patients treated in the community;

Prevalence of old age neuropsychiatric disorders: contribution to mental health policy in Portugal. The main objective of this study is to assess prevalence of dementia, depression and other psychiatric disorders, in an elderly population in Lisbon and in a rural area, through implementation of part of 10/66DRG protocols, in collaboration with the Institute of Psychiatry (London, UK)

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Institute of Psychiatry (London, UK)

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