Integrated Pathophysiological Mechanisms

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Nuno Neuparth

Principal Investigator



Campus Sant'Ana
Pólo de Investigação, NMS, UNL
Rua do Instituto Bacteriológico, nº 5
Lab 1.4
1150-082 Lisboa, Portugal

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Main interests:

This group started focused in respiratory diseases until 2013. The main objectives were the impact of air quality on the health of the population in several contexts:
1.In schools attended by children
2.In children day care centres
3.In geriatric nursing homes
4.In industrial complexes
Form 2014 on, the focus of our group moved to the integrated mechanisms of disease in a multidisciplinary context:
1. Air quality and respiratory diseases
2. Aging and integrated mechanisms of disease
3. Mechanisms of imunoallergic disease
4. Mechanisms of interstitial lung disease
5. Genetics and respiratory diseases
6. Mechanisms of infection (acute and chronic)
7. Mechanisms of viral infection
8. Biomarkers of disease
9. Integrated mechanisms of cardiovascular disease
10. Cough mechanisms

Research Areas:

Air quality and respiratory diseases - Pedro Martins
Air pollution is a ubiquitous and complex exposure associated with both short term and long term health effects. In developed countries, the major air pollutants include particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). Exposure to these chemical contaminants is associated either with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and a lower life expectancy.
Outdoor and indoor environments should be considered when studying the effects on human health. Even though, in the last years particular attention was given to indoor air quality as more than 80% of our time is spent indoors.
The pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying the aggression of air pollutants are not properly understood. It is thought that after inhalation, air pollutants could induce oxidative stress, which would be responsible for airways inflammation. The progression of oxidative stress and airways inflammation, seems to contribute for the local and systemic effects of the air pollutants.
In the last years our group has participated in different studies (SAUDAR, ENVIRH, INSPIRAR, GERIA) about the effects of air pollution exposure over the airways, improving the knowledge on this area.

Aging and integrated mechanisms of disease - Maria Amália Botelho
Human ageing and longevity extension grew markedly since the last quarter of the XXth century. A comprehensive approach to its significance in people life and care professionals work plans is being made since then. Notwithstanding, there is still a great need to understand pathways of ageing and chronic disease and how to delay the elders vulnerability.
A compact comprehensive geriatric biopsychossocial evaluation that was developed as a post doc work of a member of our team is already in use at the national Portuguese long term care service.
The main objective of the group is to go further, and implement an efficient model of systematic comprehensive evaluation and referral approach of people aged more than 64 years. We intend to validate the revised comprehensive geriatric biopsychossocial evaluation method and to standardize a Portuguese observational approach on frailty, as an entity that characterizes extreme biological ageing and needs to be better understood, in order to fulfill the hope of delaying the vulnerability that comes with advancing age.

Centro Pneumológico de Coimbra - Carlos Robalo Cordeiro
Centro Pneumológico de Coimbra is based in the Department of Pneumonology and alergology of Coimbra University Hospital and it includes a multidisciplinary research unit, functioning in collaboration with several Departments and Laboratories of Coimbra University Hospital and Medical School. The scientific projects are mostly based on the inpatient population and the outpatient clinic. However, there is also a close connection with the community and the involvement of animal or virtual models, which are developed within a multidisciplinary scope that includes imaging, lung function, morphology and genetic studies. The assignments undertaken by the CP focus not only on deep lung behaviour when exposed to various aggressions (environmental, occupational or infectious) but also other areas such as pulmonary oncogenesis, respiratory allergology and interstitial lung diseases. Of the several projects being developed there are, actually, 3 main areas of interest: 1 - Studies on Lung Cancer, namely related with genes and mutations for metabolizing enzymes and with drug resistance markers through immunohistochemistry; 2 - The Immunology and Clinical Immunoallergology studies, namely related a) with the Asthma European Network, intending to spread excellence in the management of asthmatic patients, at this moment focused on the elderly population, b) with the dynamic evaluation of allergic inflammation and c) with several allergic responses; 3 - Studies in Interstitial Lung Diseases, specifically the genetic expression of mediators of fibrotic evolution and algorithms of clinical decisions based on clinics, radiology and laboratory data.

Mechanisms of infection (acute and chronic) - Pedro Póvoa
Patients under invasive mechanical ventilation are at increased risk of colonization, ventilator associated tracheobronchitis (VAT) and pneumonia (VAP); it is not clear the progression or the relation between these different conditions.
Our main objective is to correctly define these different clinical entities (diagnostic criteria, clinical impact and outcomes), to study different biomarkers and other non invasive approaches to help in the distinction between them, to perform a RCT to study if an adequate antibiotic therapy of patients with TAV prevent the progression to VAP and improve outcome

Mechanisms of viral infection - Paulo Paixão
The concept of a human virobiota (the viral component of the human microbiota), in the respiratory tract is recent, with some studies detecting viral presence in the upper respiratory tract in apparently healthy individuals. Most studies of microbiota have focused on their bacterial component and have expanded massively in these last few years, mostly focused in pediatric populations. Therefore, information concerning adult populations’ and particularly the elderly is scarce.
The main objective of our group is the study of the respiratory viruses and bacteria in different populations, particularly the elderly, and the clinical and biological consequences of their presence in the upper respiratory tract. Correlating the degree of systemic and local inflammation with viral presence in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients will be an additional objective of our work.

Biomarkers of disease - Nuno Neuparth
This is an area with a potential for translational research and to the discovery of new biophysical biomarkers of disease. The group has been involved in the application of several biomarkers of disease, namely in the context of the effects of air pollution in the health of the population. Mediators of the asthmatic inflammation as exhaled nitric oxide and several diluted substances in the exhaled breath condensate, have been used by our group. The nasal airway is being studied by the development of a differential manometry equipment and articulation with the ciliary diseases group to look for clinically relevant biomarkers in nasal polyposis. In the context of acute infection our group is involved in the assessment of course of several serum biomarkers, namely CRP and PCT, in the diagnosis of VAP as well as in the assessment of its response to antibiotic therapy. Another area is the study of biomarkers as a tool for antibiotic stewardship.

Integrated mechanisms of cardiovascular disease - Pedro Araújo Gonçalves
The research on mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases have been focused in tree major fields. One is coronary artery disease, namely the identification of the vulnerable patient and the contribution of cardiac computed tomography for this evaluation. The second is hypertension, with a focus on the contribution of chronic hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system and the impact of an interventional procedure – renal denervation – in both blood pressure control and in surrogate markers of target organ damage. The third is interventional cardiology both for coronary artery disease as well as structural heart disease.
A possible fourth field of research that we would like to pursue is related to the cardiovascular adaptation to exercise.

Cough mechanisms - Nuno Neuparth
This is a new area of this research group and will explore the mechanisms involved in the three main validated phenotypes of cough: 1) gastroesophageal reflux; 2) Asthma and 3) post-nasal drip phenotypes, profiting on the physical neighbourhood of Dr. Luís Novais Lab (CEDE - Centro de Estudos de Doenças Esofágicas).


OLDER - Obstructive Lung Diseases in Elders, funded by AstraZeneca
See the Website Here

FISIOPOL - Physiological Factors in the Etiology of Nasal Polyposis, funded by NOVA Saúde

GERIA - Geriatric Study in Portugal on Health Effects of Air Quality in Elderly Care Centers, funded by FCT
See the Website Here

ENVIRH - Environment and Health in Children Day Care Centres, funded by FCT
See the Website Here

INSPIRAR - Air Quality Exposure and Human Health in Industrialized Urban Areas, funded by FCT
See the Website Here


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- Antonio Artigas, Sabadell Hospital - Universidade Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

- Ignacio Martin Loeches, St James's University Hospital, Ireland

- Jose Miguel Martins, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (IST-UL), Portugal

- Paulo Ribeiro, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon (FCT-UNL), Portugal

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