1st CEDOC Quizz

The CEDOC PhD committee is organizing the 1st CEDOC Quizz.
The main purpose of this event is to encourage everyone to test general knowledge in a fun way.

The 1st CEDOC Quizz will take place at the lobby of the Grey Building, close to MMM auditorium, on February 15, at 17h30.

Everyone is welcomed, just show up!

How will it work?
. Team: Each team can have from 2-5 elements. For example PI, Pos-docs, PhD, MSc, BSc, zebrafish, etc.
. Questions: Each team needs to answer 50 questions, each displayed for 1 minute, with 4 different options.
. No cellphones/computers/outside-help are allowed. If this happens the penalty will be the disqualification of the team.
. The team with the most correct answers wins.

For more details contact the 2018/2019 PhD Committee: Ana Chegão, Jorge Borbinha, Liliana Lopes, Pedro Sampaio e Tatiana Burrinha.

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