The BD FACSAria III, a High Speed Cell Sorter equipped with 4 different lasers (red, violet, blue and yellow green) that can be used simultaneously, enabling multicolor analysis of up to 16 parameters.
A 488 nm laser, allowing the detection of side scatter and 2 colors (e.g., FITC and PerCP-Cy5.5 or PerCP); a 561 nm laser detecting 5 colors (e.g., PE, mCherry, PE-Cy5, PE-CY7 and PE-Cy5.5); a 633 nm laser detecting 3 colors (e.g., APC, APC-Cy7 and Alexa Fluor 700); and a 405 nm laser detecting another 6 colors (e.g., Pacific Blue or BV421, BV510, BV 605, BV650, BV711 and BV786).
The instrument is able to perform multiple or single cell sort onto standard 96-well plates or any other custom plate. Due to the complexity level of this technology, the cell sorter is operated only by the facility staff with an extensive knowledge and experience.


FACSAriaIII_optical configuration
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