1st FLxFlow Course - Principles and Applications of Flow Cytometry

FLxFlow course

FlxFlow is a portuguese network for Flow Cytometry aiming to bring together core facilities in the Lisbon area. This network brings together CEDOC, CF, IGC and iMM knowledge and resources in order to facilitate the access of scientists to cutting edge applications.

The FLxFlow community is organizing its first annual course on October 16-20th 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The aim of this course is to introduce the basic principles and applications of flow cytometry. From fluorophores and panel design, instruments operation, required controls and statistical analysis to data publication and potential applications. The course will consist of theoretical talks and practical sessions with remote teaching where students will learn how to set up an experiment, run a multi-color experiment, perform compensation and analyse the data. It will also occur a practical hands-on sessions in immunophenotyping, cell cycle, cell death & apoptosis and imaging flow cytometry.

Scientists (researchers, medical doctors, technicians, engineers, students) are encouraged to participate and take advantage of the networking opportunities that this course will provide.

Summary of the 1st FLxFlow Course - Principles and Applications of Flow Cytometry
- CAML Advanced Course -

Dates: 16th – 20th October 2017

Organizers: José Rino (iMM), Marta Monteiro (IGC), Cláudia Andrade (CEDOC), Ana Vieira (FC), Derek Davies (The Francis Crick Institute), Tim Bushnell (University of Rochester Medical Center), Alexandre Salvador (Enzifarma), Andreia Mendonça (Enzifarma)

Place: Egas Moniz Building - Auditorium 57 and Room 6-8

ECTS: 1,5

Vacancies: 120 (16 for hands-on sessions on 20/10)

Preliminary Programme here

Further details about the course online: http://flxflow.net/2017/05/17/1st-flxflow-course-16-20-october-2017/

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