NMS|FCM Management and Administrative Unit

ana sofia tavares

Ana Sofia Tavares




CEDOC @ Campus Sant'Ana
Pólo de Investigação, NMS|FCM, UNL
Rua Câmara Pestana, nº 6
1150-082 Lisboa – Portugal

Phone: +351 218 803 143 (Ext 26091)
Fax: +351 218 851 920
E-mail: cedoc(at)nms.unl.pt

About the Unit

The CEDOC Administrative and Management Unit provides assistance to researchers in the following areas:

• Research Funding (Pre Award): search for funding opportunities and assistance to grant applications;

• Project Management (Post Award): administrative and financial support;

• Laboratory Management: equipment and infrastructures maintenance, purchase ordering support and implementation of safety procedures;

• Support Units: such as GAOL and the Cell Culture support.

Team photos

DAI - 2019-03-29 - foto grupo