Welcome to 12 Topics in Rheumatology, held at NOVA Medical School, Lisbon.

This is the second meeting stimulated by the Rheumatic Diseases Group from CEDOC - Chronic Diseases Research Center (PI F. M. Pimentel-Santos, Co-PI Jaime C. Branco) aiming at promoting and facilitating the dialogue between basic and clinical scientists, regarding new physiopathology, diagnostic and therapeutic advances in Rheumatology.

12 Topics in Rheumatology will address a wide range of subjects focused on translational science. After the short presentations, we expect to have a highly interactive exchange of knowledge among the participants. New ideas, new collaborations and new projects are assured and will be of undoubted benefit for all. Poster presentations and short talks will illustrate current research and innovative ideas in the field.

Abstract Awards will be given to presenting authors with the highest scored abstracts (in basic science, clinical abstracts and undergraduate abstracts).

This meeting welcomes health care professionals, academics, students, researchers and policymakers with interest in this field.

We welcome all of you!
Join us and the vibrant and enthusiastic spirit of NOVA!

Fernando M. Pimentel-Santos